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What compression would be the best for our forum?
Hyper Compression Version Zero 2 (18.2%)
Hyper Compression 1 (9.1%)
Balanced Compression 8 (72.7%)
Don't compress anything! 0 (0%)
Total Votes: 11
Forum Compression - Voting; Very important poll.
Topic Started: Jun 5 2018, 08:52 PM (145 Views)
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☀ Lana the adventurer☀

There were voices about reducing our forum boards and sections. After seeing the results of our previous poll, we decided to make visualizations and ask you all about the other matter too. Here they are:

Hyper Compression Version 0

Hyper Compression

Balanced Compression

Please vote and let us know what you think~

My Sunrise Awards <3

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Loneliest Stardust Crusader

I prefer that third one because the index would just look really weird without at least three categories
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Orzic Nedbens

I could go for either Hyper or Balanced, but since we won't really be facing new members or help topics too often (and the separate thingies I don't think anyone uses) I'll go with Hyper Compression for now. Entertainment should be straight-up merged into General instead of a subforum (did anyone at all object to that?) but if people feel the need to keep it distinct I have no objections as long as all the other stuff is in fact actually distinct subforums as it is shown.
Edited by Nedben, Jun 5 2018, 09:12 PM.
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Regular Adept #18

I went for balanced.

Version 0 is a big no to me. Compressing the main page into 3 subforums makes the entire forum look so small it's barely worth visiting when looking at the main page alone, and that's kind of depressing.

Hyper is better, but still slightly too compressed for my liking.

Balanced is my favorite, since it keeps the main page more appealing and less like some dying forum kept as an archive thanks to the subsections still existing. To be honest, even hyper is slightly depressing to look at for me, even though I realise we don't really need a lot of subforums for our amount of activity.
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Rule of existence: Whenever luck is involved, somehow, somewhere, someone will get trolled by it.

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This is for the whole forum, right? I like the last option then - the other two look like the whole place is kind of empty. It's a similar feeling I get to ResetEra. It may be busy, but it feels small.
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Balanced looks perfect to me.
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The Dark Wolf General

The Forum Compression has been completed, going with the Balanced Compression!
Posted Image Posted Image <-- Courtesy of Safe Haven and Saucy Goblin respectively! :3 <3

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I'm glad things didn't end up too squashed. It looks nice! I hope they'll all be nice and active!
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I didn't notice at the time that you intended to keep the entertainment and senate forums as sub forums in general. Personally I don't like this.

What will be done with the clan section?

Otherwise good work, it looks a lot better.
Edited by Miva, Yesterday, 6:56 AM.
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