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Bad Art Competition - Draw your attack vs Golden Ant
Topic Started: Apr 3 2018, 11:56 AM (412 Views)
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☀ Lana the adventurer☀

:!: Draw your attack that will chase away the Golden Ant and its horde!

Posted Image :><: Posted Image :><:

To make it effective there must be at least 5 participants (so we need at least 5 entries). The more the better! ;3
My Sunrise Awards <3

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Saucy Goblin
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Sunrise's Token Hobgoblin Character

I'll hurt his feelings!
Posted Image
get it? it's 'cause people don't like the game he's from.
To be a shining hobgoblin, as in my dreams!
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Orzic Nedbens

Posted Image

The obvious copypasted characters are replaceable as Unlimited Luck Worlds sees fit: we can replace the security teams with sufficiently food-buffed Golden Sun OCs with an ignore invincible utility and the Goetia soul cannon with an ordinary summon enough times for 100% damage but I was too lazy to draw that many stick figures.

Obviously, the plan is Reality Marble him off, have the Ainz security team lure him in combat to the optimum point to nuke him from orbit with a deathray, drop him into a box full of penetrate-up swords and Golden Sun heresy, then summon RJ via the Sanson security team to destroy the heresy. We will then dump an infinite amount of enemy STANDs on the Ant by stabbing a soul generator with Ishtar-E's copyright infringement arrows courtesy of telekinetic Jesus doggo, then clear the entire mess out with System Keraunos but with Ignore Invincible on from Marie's security team. Jesus Doggo then revives everyone except the ant.

Rinse and repeat until nothing's left but Goldie.
Edited by Nedben, Apr 3 2018, 04:36 PM.
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Sometimes, your Punch ants invaders get so big...
That you need to summon some Olympus monsters to fend them off.
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Grim Heretic

Spoiler: click to toggle

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Loneliest Stardust Crusader

I would join in but I have no means of making shitty art... or regular art
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stokpl thgis isnb’;t goopd donoty atcakj amnts
aviopr is a canmtalouple
Posted Image
mighstyre m&^m man hleps goldgene AEnt
Edited by Numbers, Apr 4 2018, 11:15 AM.
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Orzic Nedbens

Metamerism - Today at 1:32 PM
I have the ultimate weapon
Grimy KOP - Today at 1:33 PM
why not make a silly drawing of your own to help battle the ants?
Metamerism - Today at 1:43 PM
Posted Image
Grimy KOP - Today at 1:44 PM
i thought it was going to be fighterdouken
Metamerism - Today at 1:45 PM
You see
Punch Ants are weak to fire
So I used the most powerful fire spell I could
@robert jeo is weak to Final Fantasy type attacks
Grimy KOP - Today at 1:47 PM
that is true
Metamerism - Today at 1:47 PM
Thus here we are
Nedben (Nedben) - Today at 1:55 PM
http://www.goldensunrise.online/topic/11067914/1/#new @Metamerism
Bad Art Competition - Draw your attack vs Golden Ant
A Golden Sun forum with games, role-plays, creativity, and discussion. Still active in 2017.
Metamerism - Today at 1:55 PM
I don't have an account
Nedben (Nedben) - Today at 1:56 PM
if you're not in the mood I'll post it for you then
Metamerism - Today at 1:56 PM
I am at work
Nedben (Nedben) - Today at 1:56 PM
in that case mind if I do it anyway since you're busy and are likely to remain so?
Metamerism - Today at 1:57 PM
Go ahead
Post it
Nedben (Nedben) - Today at 1:57 PM
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sure, why the hell not. Goblin, Cat and Meta will get this maybe:

Posted Image
Edited by Tawny779, Apr 4 2018, 07:34 PM.
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hit me up on any of the above!

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Violet Spinel
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Mars CEO

Posted Image
I'm employing Meta's strategy for this one, huh.
Edited by Violet Spinel, Apr 4 2018, 08:31 PM.
Posted Image Sunrise's Machinist Hero shall not back down! Posted Image
Posted ImagePosted Image
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Regular Adept #18

Fight me, ants!

Posted Image
Edited by Delfes, Apr 4 2018, 11:44 PM.
Posted ImagePosted Image

Rule of existence: Whenever luck is involved, somehow, somewhere, someone will get trolled by it.

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Robert Joe
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Party Tank

Posted Image
Posted ImagePosted Image
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