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The Tag / La Marque; Another kind of Magic school story
Topic Started: Feb 8 2018, 02:54 AM (235 Views)
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Ok, so I'm a crazy designer of original concepts.
The crazier, the more elaborate the world-building ends up being.

So, I was thinking about introducing you to the basis of one of my story concept : "The Tag".

It's a slice of life story taking place in a school where they teach magic, among others.
It's mostly an ensemble cast story, at the beginning.

The place

The Characters (An overview, for now, as there's both not enough and so many of them...)

So, There are the basic foundations of the story.
Next time, I may introduce some creatures design charts and biological reports.
(With my favourite : The Bladechain/Lamechaine : a cute and nice but sharp sand-manta.)

But, for now, here is the game :
Try to guess which of the concept characters is the "Tag-chosen" character.
(Disclaimer : Correct guesses earn you nothing but congratulations from me.)

And, That's it for a start!
See you next long post.
The post merger might fuse this post with the previous one.
But, it's more or less fine, as it's a continuation of the original post, anyway.

So, dear reader, I found the time to upload some design sketchs.
That means I can introduce you with the creatures I teased on the Discord.
Fantastic creatures and how they feel about you

I have got some more design documents on the student characters,
but let's leave it at this for now.
(Tell me if you're interested in more about this project.)

If you're interested on the format I would like to do for this story :
I was thinking of a mix of illustrated novel with manga/comics pages.
(That is novel + many splash illustrations + "regular" comics pages)
This could be a good way to keep the best narrative medium,
depending on the tone/context of the situation.

The thing I'm lacking is really good art abilities.
(I'm really bad at drawing movement/action and moderate at drawing things, in general.)

So, to really make this project I need to find a drawer/illustrator...
That can feel good illustrating my strange worlds and stories.
Edited by NOX, Feb 12 2018, 08:10 PM.
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Orzic Nedbens

I'm interested and would love to see more. :D
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Well, even if only one person is interested, I guess I should continue.

So, I took some more time to upload a bunch of additional design sketchs...
And, I should now provide the explanations that go hand in hand with them!

More on the plot

more on the characters

It should be enough for now.
Next time I should introduce the school a little.

And, yes, the game is still going : Who is the tag chosen ?
Feel free to share your reasoning and feeling about who it could be.

(I'm really curious of who the reader might think is the "main" character.)
Well, given that a debate on tattoos was opened in the senate,
I guess it's time for me to add some research notes on this,
related to body markings and all that goes with it.

So, yes, I wasn't that clear on the concept of "seal" magic.
In a word seal basically works like Elixirology/alchemy do in Fullmetal Alchemist :
Symbolic drawing + will = magical like effect

Here, seal shapes are mostly roses/rhodonea curves and spirograph curves.
Mainly because of the idea of magic circles.
So I decided that it would be fitting for the effect of these "magic circles"
to be parametrized by the curves drawn in them.

Now, onto the serous things :
Body markings and symbolism + "tattoos"

I guess, the best I should do to express my view on the issue, without too much confusion...
Is to tell you, now, which character is the Tag chosen!
The Tag chosen

Now, for the ones that didn't want to click on the previous spoiler...
Here is drawings for two of the characters :
Willem, the earth elementalist
Wendy Zephir, the air elementalist
Yes, I came up with proper names for these two,
while I was finishing drawing them.

I hope this clears things up.
And, also, I hope it was informative on why body markings,
are more than just slapping a drawing onto oneself.

See you next time.
Edited by NOX, Mar 23 2018, 02:42 AM.
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Orzic Nedbens

Hm....Rune mage, or native american girl-

Oh. Did not expect that lol, but they were a candidate guess, and pretty high at that. Nice art!
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