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What do you like and dislike about your country?
Topic Started: Jan 27 2018, 10:41 PM (89 Views)
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:?: What do you like and dislike about your country?

:SolStar: Is there anything you are proud of or anything you'd recommend?
:LunaStar: Or is there anything that annoys you so much or anything you'd change?

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Feel free to share your opinion and experience!
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Violet Spinel
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Jupiter CEO

Well, America is much more nationalistic than it is actually patriotic. I have no issue with people saying it's a great country, because it really is a great country, but I see so much xenophobia and a refusal to accept any practice that isn't "American" as equally valid.

Like, this is just one example, but we all know the subtle differences in dialect between the UK and US when it comes to spelling, such as with the word "colour". Now, I personally just prefer using the UK spellings of things for the most part, and it obviously doesn't bother me when someone else uses the US spellings, but sometimes I'll use that spelling and people will be legitimately angry because I'm spelling it "wrong" since we're in America and the American way is the right way.

Oh... and don't even get me started on units of measurement.

I understand that back in the day, becoming independent from Britain was a huge deal so it's at least justifiable (while still a little unnecessary) to try distancing ourselves by modifying the language and creating new units of measurement, but nowadays people are just so stubborn that anything that isn't innately American is shunned. Don't get me wrong, I understand why we would continue to use the US measurement system. My friend is a chemist and only works in Metric and it's confusing because I grew up on the US system so my brain isn't naturally set up for Metres, but it's the fact that some people legitimately get angry over these things that, ironically, makes me legitimately angry, huh.

And then there's cultural differences too and... well, I think you all get the picture. Long story short, America is a great country but it's also a narcissist.
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The Dark Wolf General

We got nice healthcare in Canada.

Also, we're not America.

What else needs to be said?
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Regular Adept #18

Yeah, the US measurement system actually has its good side, unfortunately it gets annoying when you go in higher precision stuff, where it's just a pain to work with multipliers of 12, and the small edge it has over metric at lower precision really isn't worth the downside at higher precision.

As for the question itself, I like Canada. I honestly am not emotionally involved enough to feel strongly about it and might feel the same in many other countries had I been born there, but since the easiest comparison is the US thanks to proximity making them the only place I can find fairly good levels of news on, I can safely say I prefer Canada, making it my standard for "good".
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Rule of existence: Whenever luck is involved, somehow, somewhere, someone will get trolled by it.

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:SolStar: The U.S.A. holds the record for most hurricane landfalls and tornado touchdowns. Life wouldn't be the same without them.
:LunaStar: Shortcuts are taken to make a variety of food products faster despite the fact it can put the consumer's health in jeopardy. There is healthy food around but it can be hard to find depending on where a person lives and it's usually more expensive than the cheap stuff.
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