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A Purple Star (IC)
Topic Started: Jan 4 2018, 06:25 AM (155 Views)
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Orzic Nedbens

MRCE colonization force 'Siege Candy' under Lockport MS Paint entering Lea system by phasic drive. Scans confirm phasedar, the star is purple. Analytics reporting high magical influence, command caster Carmelo Adrevas (Mariel-human, support device beamsword processor referred to as Popess) recommends belay. Ragnhild MS Ardent Elven Nuclear War forwards consent. Defensive complement consists of twelve Augurs: unfortunately, Sue count is understaffed, with a limited Delano complement and most casters at Cythera level (count paging belay due to neuralthread sync of possible summon choir: ironically the Lockport battle orchestra is heavy ready, to three layers of understudy to boot.

Cross-reference versa infringement, clearing to transitive cam autotranscriber.

Carmelo, a seventy-eight year old from the core world of Vramnen who looked, felt, and currently acted far more like a twenty something of amber-tinted skin and ordinary black hair in a short fauxhawk, dressed like a stereotypical Hawaiian tourist, chugged more Bro Mode aboard the Paint. The wicked elixir of golden blessings flickered with a turquoise-biased rainbow in the frothy mug of a linkhorn glass potion-bottle that very critically was not getting any lighter. Popess remained a sword out of a sense of culture, floating behind the silvery yet angular command chair of the inner bridge like an imposing combat secretary. Which she was, really. Did her Master always have to showcase his addiction just because of a regenerating supply?

"Seed loader?" he queried, as if to get rid of her monologuey pride. This was answered by a hardlight projection screen floating over and showcasing the lower spinal cannon.

"Prelims loaded," Popess confirmed in the elegant and professional tone of all furniture worth salt. "Base connector remains operational. We'll have to wait on the terraformer model configs."

...The little fleet of fourteen ships and many more people with the firepower of ships had emerged from phase travel with a soft deceleration in orbit of the lifeless desert world, ripe for a Seed to be planted.

Would that wait be quiet?

Planning thread for extended OOC discussion: http://www.goldensunrise.online/topic/11051514/1/#new
Edited by Nedben, Jan 4 2018, 06:32 AM.
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