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Golden Sun Warriors?
Topic Started: Dec 15 2017, 06:13 AM (258 Views)
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I think at this point Golden Sun fans are pretty okay with the fact that the series is super dead, some of us going as far as to say the series died in 2003.

However when Fire Emblem Warriors was announced, I couldn't shake the feeling that Golden Sun might come back.

Aside from Legend of Zelda and Fire Emblem, Golden Sun is the only other series Nintendo owns that fits the setting of Dynasty Warriors. If Fire Emblem Warriors does as well as Hyrule Warriors did, there is a faint hope that Nintendo will remember about us and give us "Golden Sun Warriors".

While I don't think it's exactly what fans would want, I think it's the last realistic chance we'll ever get to see our favourite series come back one more time.

What do you think? Would you buy Golden Sun Warriors? Having never played Dynasty Warriors, Hyrule Warriors, or Fire Emblem Warriors, I would certainly be happy to start playing the series through a Golden Sun branded version.

Though if Nintendo were desperate enough, they might make "Icarus Warriors" before they'd ever consider touching Golden Sun again. :grr:

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The Dark Wolf General

Golden Sun Warriors would be sick, but i'm not sure it would work too well? Aside from the Grave Eclipse, there was never really a setting with "a whole lotta monsters to slaughter". Unless of course it's an original story set in the universe, which would be friggen awesome.
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I find Dynasty Warriors bland and boring. However, I would buy a Golden Sun Warriors, just because the quality of all three games in the series has just been so high so far. If we want large scale conflicts, we could have a game in between TLA and DD, where the Warriors of Vale go around killing hordes of enemies that came about because of the Golden Sun event. The scattered towns would have to band together forming their own armies to fend off the monsters, explaining how different countries formed so quickly. Of course, that situation would ignore the DD cast altogether, so they probably wouldn't do that. Unless it was a non-canon story about the Warriors of Vale and their kids all traveling back in time to when Weyard was a crescent shape. That could be cool. We could have a Battle in an unfinished lighthouse, or a fight between Anemos and whatever the American Indian guys were called. We could see ancient Tuaparang and whatever the light tribe is. From what I can tell, the warriors games are non-canon in their franchises, so they could do something like that in a GSW.

For moves I guess Sveta could change into her beast form. Eoleo would have pirate themed attacks of course, cannons and flintlocks that shoot fire. Sheba could call on Anemos too bombard the battlefield with lightning. Ivan could use that flying thing from the prologue of DD to do attacks from a different angle, apparently he designed the thing. Like I said, I don't like the Warriors games, so I can't really come up with anything else though. It would help GS become more popular, but Issac would need to be in Smash first for people to want to buy a GS Warriors.
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Missing the Unified Aesthetic

Eh, only real problem with this IMO is a lack of characters. I mean, we have what - 16? And most of them are clones. It'd have to be a crossover entry to really get a large enough roster to work.
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