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GOTY 2017
Topic Started: Dec 4 2017, 03:22 AM (166 Views)
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over the next hill

I don't know how everyone else feels about these things, but it's something I tend to have to think about whether I wanna or not. What's everyone's game of the year?

I played a crap-ton of good stuff this year but I still think Breath of the Wild was my favorite experience of all of it. The insanely smart world design just blows me away, and I liked the subtle story even if some of my friends and peers thought it was far too muted.
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Since I don't get games all that often, let alone on the year they came out(partially from being quality selective and partially because my computer likely can't run many recent games above 20 fps on lowest settings if even that), my choices are very limited.

From the list I've found, the number of games I've even heard of was relatively low, and the number I've actually played even lower. I've only played 2.5 games on it and watched an early game let's play of one other to decide whether I want it or not and honestly doesn't stand a chance against any of the others.

The 0.5 is from Xcom2: war of the chosen, because it's a DLC and I've only played the base game with no clue what that DLC even adds.

Which leaves me with 2 choices: Tales of Berseria and Breath of the Wild. Breath of the wild wins.

I'm not sure what you mean by subtle and muted story, though. I thought it was fairly easy to follow and clear. Getting beaten upside the head with story would have made the open world feel less open.
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Loneliest Stardust Crusader
There were video games this year?
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Sleigh Puller

It was nice to have actually played modern games this year, I'm similar to you Delfes in that I usually don't get games the year they come out. However this year I brought a switch and BoTW, so I'm going to join everyone in saying that was my GotY too.

Honourable mentions, for my personal year of gaming, go to:
- PUBG for most elevated heart rate,
- Golf Story for my most unexpected enjoyable game,
- Overcooked and Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime joint winners for best coop
- And finally my newest/oldest award goes to Legends of Grimrock for being my newest fascination into an old game that was a new version of an old genre that I am newly very into.
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Tide Warden

Clearly the best game this year was hands down Puyo Puyo Tetris for the Nintendo Switch and if you don't believe me, fight me, in Puyo Puyo Tetris.

But honestly, while hard to pin down as always, I enjoyed a bunch of games this year.

I played The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Nier: Automata. I am really enjoying Life is Strange: Before the Storm. I even braved the to delve into the humour of South Park: The Fractured But Whole.

All in all I didn't end up playing that many new games really. Sadly enough I find myself with few spare time. But all the games I listed I really liked playing. So those count as my games of the year. Aside from the repeated playing of Heroes of the Storm and Hearthstone
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Samus Returns, hands down. Of course, I don't own any of the ninth gen consoles ( or whatever they want to call them) so most of my games havnt been from 2017.
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