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The maths of the GS classes; Can we formally describe class level and change?
Topic Started: Nov 11 2017, 06:50 PM (154 Views)
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Ok, so I was thinking about creating a character for use in "Afterward".
And I wanted to give him a fuly functional panel of class trees.

And it hit me that I never found a reliable source
for the formal working of classes in GS :
>What are the thresholds between available classes trees ?
>What are the formal tests to chose between classes ?

I always assumed that a formal model would be :
First, each adept would have a segmented cube of class trees.

Then the class level in the curent tree
would be proportional to the adept's total psynergy level,

with maybe some min/max involved.
Example : 1+(Total Level-6)/2 for a mono elemental class

Now, I don't know if this model is really right.
And, can an accurate model be found somewhere already ?

Anyway, I think it may be interesting to discuss this inner working,
so we can appreciate the richness of the class system even more.
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Orzic Nedbens

https://goldensunwiki.net/wiki/Character_class Haven't searched thoroughly enough, but I always assumed it was simply a matter of djinn count in that element plus base element, with the default class being determined character-specifically (this is why if you can access some of the dual-elemental classes at weird stages if you give a character more djinn in another element than their own). Except when it's overridden by item class. I have no clue what the fallbacks are if you give someone a weird djinn config like the item classes' setup but without the item equipped.

The exact tests and maths which determine that other than testing I have no idea (hacking collective or someone with the game immediately on hand boot it up and try some weird djinn layouts)
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Regular Adept #18

Edit: scratch everything I've said. It's actually very basic and uses elemental levels.

Adepts start with level 5 in their element and 0 everything else. Class is decided by level requirements and djinn add 1 level each.

The order checked is 3 element classes->two element classes
So if you have djinn to meet the requirement for rank 3 dual-element and rank 1 tri-element, you get the tri-element. But if you meet the requirement for rank 2 dual-element and rank 1 another dual-element, you get the highest rank class. There's elemental priority on equal ranks being met, but I suspect that's just to prevent code suicide when it happens and likely ignorable.
Edited by Delfes, Nov 13 2017, 02:27 PM.
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Rule of existence: Whenever luck is involved, somehow, somewhere, someone will get trolled by it.

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After checking the golden sun wiki's tables of class requirement,
I would hazard the guess that innate elemental levels may be 5 and a half.
And level requirements would then not always be integers...

With these considerations :
> first type of dual elemental :
-check if 2 elemental levels are greater than zero
-level depends on the min value of these 2 elemental level.

> second type of dual elemental (appears in partial class trees) :
-check if 2 elemental levels are greater than zero
-check if one of these 2 elemental value is strictly greater than 5
-level depends on the min value of these 2 elemental level,
with one level (the one >5) decreased by 0.5.

> tri elemental :
-check if 3 elemental levels are all greater than 3
-check if one of these 3 elemental levels, among two, is strictly greater than 5
-level depends on value of these 3 levels. (Still no clear rule how)

So, yes, maybe I'm thinking too much about this,
but, I like to have general rules instead of lookout tables.
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Missing the Unified Aesthetic

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How to read:

Color indicates tier levels for the sake of spells. Certain spells are only learned at certain tiers and above (ex: Wish is 3+), while others upgrade at certain tiers (Ragnarok becomes Odyssey at 4+).

#:#:#:# indicates djinn required. The way GS actually works is based on Element level, but it's usually more practical to look at djinn. The order for the elements of djinn used is: Innate : Symbiotic : Neutral : Opposite

+## Base indicates a rough estimate of a class' comparative strength compared to base classes. It is not meant to be literal, but rather is used to compare the statistical strengths of classes compared to others. Is calculated based on PP, ATK, DEF, and AGL growths, which have consistent upgrades between class tiers.

I hope this helps.

Edit: Should also mention, this is specifically what Vanilla GS does - including things like shared classes and overflow classes, which I don't include in my character creation systems.
Edited by WitchRolina, Jan 20 2018, 05:16 AM.
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