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Hello! Please Unban Previous Account
Topic Started: Oct 17 2017, 06:49 PM (311 Views)
Crusader II

Hello - I hope everyone is well.

Please unban my previous account so I can post from there instead.


Edited by Crusader II, Oct 17 2017, 06:50 PM.
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Loneliest Stardust Crusader
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Orzic Nedbens

That's a horrible case to get unbanned. And this is with my scale recently having been set to 'claimed to change in one month after talking about horrorterror lewds and not stopping when asked'.

Are you thinking the staff are all sleep deprived or something? Where's the apology? Where's the counterargument to the reasons you aren't welcome speech?

This is a rather poor defense if I've ever seen one. .-. You're not even trying with alts.
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Deleted User
Deleted User

Hey Nedben - my friend and I, who have both been posting actively on the forum and previous iterations of it since the early 2000's, were banned permanently last year with no warning or suspension given. The rules do state that generally verbal warnings are given first.

If the admin/mod team can provide some direction on what occurred I can try and clear up or apologize for any miscommunication as best as I can and stop creating alternate accounts.
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The Dark Wolf General

We all know your history Crus, make as many accounts as you like, each will get banned. You are not a welcome member on this forum, nor will you ever be due to your actions in the past. We know all the history, seen all the chats. You would think the reaction you received last time you came would have made that clear, but apparently not. You are a hateful little troll who revels in making other peoples lives worse. Whether or not you have changed is irrelevant. The fact of the matter is, you behaved in a way that upset people, burned bridges, got banned. You have shown yourself to be manipulative, and more then happy to play the long game with people. Literally everyone who knows of you, knows that every time you open your mouth, it is a scheme. This shall be the only word you will receive from the admins on this matter. All future alts will be deleted. Leave, Crus. Don't come back.
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