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Alex and Richard Build a Country Because Why Not; AaRBaCBWN? Aar bac bwn? Are Bacon Brown?
Topic Started: Aug 7 2017, 09:34 PM (605 Views)
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Orzic Nedbens


Confirming his thoughts, Alexei Utopia instantiated a basic universe of lifeless cosmos, and opened up its timeline for alteration. The space and might of God, used for cheap casual plans.

"Focusing arbitrary transferable..." he muttered to nobody in particular, though it did bring Richard Verdant in to watch his plans.

"Morning hubby." the villainous lord of traitors said, ruffling the greenish blue hair of his lover. "How's the gameboard today?"

"Eh," Alexei muttered back, opening his own collar a little, "nothing much. Gonna make that country so we can crystallize a base for our forces."

"Sweet." Richard noted, then just sort of fell over on Alexei floating in space.

...Elements began flowing into existence, possibility coalescing closer to definition, as Alexei plotted his points.

"Two relevant worlds. First's earthlike but different geography and mostly cold...way bigger frozen pole zones, maybe put it a bit on the colder half of the habitable zone and squish the non-icy biosphere tad more equatorially, so you have a smaller and denser tropics band, a little tighter equatorial zone, and then bam, ice. Developed a technological history initially heavy on combustion and discovering steam powered vehicles and mechanization decently into electricity before trying fossil fuels heavily due to awareness of possible outcomes, but global warming was never notable, at most early phases were mostly minimal temperature up associated with industrialization and minimal sea level rise that just pressured them a bit more naval or into the now-slightly-warmer ecosystems in fear of more, at worst. Got spaceborne fairly early on, developing renewables, computing, and spacecraft when they realized global warming was a thing that exists without all the nasty complexes and dependence, and wanted to get the hell out. FTL was discovered unreasonably fast before even unification, and most of their 'space battleships' used stereotypical plasma-and-lasers weapons, with the beginnings of scifi nanotechnology beginning to emerge medically. Unification occurred after a few decent-size space battleships reasonably capable of self-sustaining were built."


"Second world's magic to the definitive. Sparkly mostly-forested, full of fairies and all that jazz. Dual-exists in a pocket reality aligned with the first. Large sections change from fairy castles to pact-demon palaces, and there are small elemental hidey holes or practically-Minecraft-large-biomes-size minibiomes of whatever. We'll work it out later. Make it a tendency among their advanced artificer-type mages to make grimoires and other magical-girl-bait devices like that. However, they like to stay home, with only a few natural connections to the other world, mostly well-hidden or deep in cold lands with only a handful of passages even murkily emerging as myth or urban legend."


"Cue the alien invasion of magic space whales attacking ships for food. Or maybe it's omnicidal aliens. Whatever. Point is their techbase is either just superior enough technically or magically inclined with weird superdefense against physical stuff or with magic weapons designed to bypass, we'll figure it out."


"Cue the meetup. Our in-fragment avatars intercede, building a supercomputer AI named Miracles, or more properly, Mi, Ra, Cl, and Es all as separate units. They get together various fairy courts and demon lords not associated with the Titania and Oberon expies, the Satan expy/expies, and whatev, put in some humanside assets. MiRaClEs stages the revelation and intercedes, pumping out a new line of weaponry and magical girl tranformers for entire spaceships that saves the place in time, all the while climbing higher in various government sections until the world's ours."

Alignment intensifies.

"So what're we gonna name it?" Richard asked excitedly.

"Whatever the hell we want, duh." Alexei said, laughing a bit. "That's the hard part. I'm still working on it. MRCE? BAST? I could use opinions."
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Orzic Nedbens


"Eh. Placeholder." Alexei stated boredly, shifting the planes of reality a bit. "Gonna go with Bureau of Administration, Space-Time, as the formal government namey thing."

"Charming ripoff, as always." Richard acknowledged, snuggling. "Too close, maybe noteworthy."

"Right." Alexei acknowledged, retconning his decision. "Make that Mariel Republic Central Entity?"

"Too contradictory."

"Right. How about Mariel-Ragnar Combined Entity?"

"Names both, but the 'Entity' seems a tad...Eh, screw it. It works!"

Alexei grinned at the approval. "MRCE it is. The main cold world is Mariel, the magic mad world is Ragnar. Naming 'em like people, heh."

"So what now? Cities? People? Culture? The military? Ironing out the magic system?" Richard wondered.
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Orzic Nedbens

"Let's try factbooking," Alex stated lightly, "but like, really vague."

The Mariel-Ragnar Combined Entity is a FFT/FanT nation, currently administrating a bit over 125 populated realspace systems (of which only around 25, mostly coincidentally habitable after only a single large-scale terraforming or naturally habitable for unexplained reasons, possess a level of settlement Earth-comparable or greater, with only about 50 more as anything more than glorified mining bases or military outposts) with a total direct population of around 230 billion.

We say 'realspace' and 'direct' mostly because of the FanT half. Where Mariel in the realspace system of Valber governs a fairly solid bloc of functionally normal systems and worlds, Ragnar is analogous to mythological places such as Avalon, Makai, Gensokyo, Eden, and additionally the gates of Hell, Heaven, and the underworld(s). Ragnar is, for what can be determined on a large scale, one of the few primarily-space-consistent zones that can be called a 'world', with mostly-realspace-consistent physicsset unless magic is directly invoked, with only a few places being gates to impossible geometries spanning bridges and seas to other places and things that don't make sense and if you dig or fly far enough turn out to be supermassive naturally occurring portals. This dimension is simply referred to as 'Otherworlds', because much like the Mariel-Ragnar connection invisibly branching off into weirdness, beyond planet-sized analogy 'continents' of consistent space bridged by 'seas' of abnormal space and 'islands' of supernatural governance, it begins blurring out into weird dimensional spaces that reach other canons and making sense of it all is an exercise in mapping portal-riddled impossible space.

[Pausing for tonight because Nedben's gotta go. Basically from here describe the tense alliance-webs of godlike things and lackadaisical shenanigans that perpetually decorate the Otherworlds beyond Ragnar's relative 'island of analogously comparable realspace', which the constituent lords and ladies and shenanigans thereof have effectively allied themselves or openly joined up with the Mariel ruling party under MiRaClEs to form the MRCE as we know it]
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Orzic Nedbens

While the conventional government, civil matters, and day to day rights and running of Mariel is simply a generic republic (albeit one heavily assisted by the 'primary AIs' of MiRaClEs in matters management), it is unsubtly ruled from behind the scenes by an oligarchy of the militarily powerful of whom the civil overseer is only a major component. While Richard and Alexei's methods may verge on reality warping or abuse of influence, they simply work, and keep the demons and other things in line.

[Figure out how this works at some point later on. Too writer's block to contemplate.]

[Something about magical girl ship transformers??]

"Meh." Richard said, attenuating something meta. "It's messy with Nedben looking over our shoulders. Try again later."
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Orzic Nedbens

Common Sapient Types of MRCE

Humans: Stock humanity, attained from oddly convergent evolution and/or a mysterious pan-existence motive to spawn as many different worlds of humans, human-likes, and pseudo-humans as possible. While mostly they are the same exact type of humans you'd find anywhere else, post-reveal surprisingly successful interbreeding (and what few humans and part-humans randomly existed Ragnar-side beforehand) is gradually mixing in inhuman traits insufficient to justify reclassification among a decently high percentage. They are the dominant species of Mariel and most other MRCE realspace worlds.

Mythics: The category for most inspecific spirits in general, 'fake humans', fairies, and gods, split up into such a decently large taxonomy that is so unrealistically full of crossbreeding, parallel evolution, special cases, convergent evolution, analogous structures, things that appear to be things but actually aren't, unclear origins, unique or nearly unique individuals, topped with abnormal spacetime and external effects, to the point that the category itself in unsorted form remains the most apt descriptor for people who don't want or need a detailed varieties checklist. Outside of the military they are generally only a medium-sized minority among MRCE worlds, but on Ragnarside their affiliated population is much bigger. The vast majority of this population is analogous to 'fairies and yokai', Touhou reference style. Most individual Mythics possess a random vaguely defined magical ability such as 'creation and manipulation of [concept]', and those that possess multiple or highly flexible and powerful abilities (such as a generic 'use of magic' or something very exploitable such as 'control of spacetime') tend to rise in rank and start fae courts or similar organizational power blocs of their own. Usually if the demon/devil type goes unspecified, it is to be listed under Mythics.

Grey Demons/Devils: Analogous to Homestuck trolls in at least one demonhunting AU fic with an occasional side of Nobilis and the rest of MSPA, their abilities primarily fall into one of two major categories, psionics (sometimes generic magic or just weird combat superpower instead) and a second set governed by a title of [Role] of [Element] pushing them to embody their 'origin' (that for some may temporarily 'reroll' or otherwise vary into a different [Role] of [Element] after a sufficiently shocking change in purpose or under certain effects, though elements of the original remain and may be reverted to later) to use that second set of abilities very effectively, which usually falls into a set of known roles and elements (mostly based from an interpretation of Replay Value AU and the Problem Sleuth variant, though few people need to know that in implementation) though exceptions on one or both ends exist. While generally they resemble grey-skinned orange-horned humanoids with black hair and yellow eyes with blood, pupils, and wings if they have 'em (usually attained after reaching a high point in their role of element function, at which they also get a cool outfit and resurrective immortality that takes a few minutes most of the time and several years if it doesn't occur then or if the body or more was sufficiently eradicated), but sometimes naturally) any color on the rainbow and sometimes beyond, human-like variants exist (differentiated from mythics usually by their different power palette). They tend to use a special form of ritualistic hammerspace magic and originally come from small sub-areas in Ragnar, but have since massively expanded in population due to the use of S-reactor seeds. They are usually grown either in large batches of grubs in an existing area or in small batches that tend to create large devil palaces with them in a new area. While a Grey Devil is not impossible, it is relatively rare even for Devils, with most of them either being a governor of Grey Demons known as an Empress/Emperor with strong and multipurpose psionics on top of a well-realized Role of Element (usually of fuchsia blood color), or something known as a Skipper Plumbthroat created when the Grey Demon spawning process gets out of hand and does something sufficiently abnormal.

Red Demons/Devils: The traditional bulkier beings often found in devil palaces making pacts or being summoned by people who need to rethink their lives and probably their devil worship too. Though some take on cutesy forms resembling Mythics or mascot animals, many are formidable titans or wily giant formations of structural madness, often called red either for the large amounts of bloody messes or fire involved, or simply because when they take on the stereotypical demon forms red is just an aesthetically appealing color to do so in. Many are 'wish-granter types', with sweeping capabilities in many forms capable of turning the tide of a space battle, if often at high resource costs or clear limits of capability, rendering them optimal for status as channelers, fortress masters, or barrier ships. Generally, a Red Demon is a generic monster with only a few stock powers and qualities of relevance (such as ability to make a type of magical contract or otherwise grant powers/blessings/curses) and unless it possesses certain tricks can usually be slain relatively easy given a decently sized gun, where a Red Devil has enough in hax, firepower, and durability to stand up relevantly in a FT conflict without just dying off the bat from enemy guns.

Squid Demons/Devils: A loose catchall for the more incomprehensible and eldritch things that would otherwise fall under Red Demons but are either too weird or lack the wishgranting aspect, such as Evangelion-style angels and the general classification for foreign powers of magic and transcendency who are even more divorced from the traditional taxa or more commonly are not Ragnar-originating lines at all. Most of the ones affiliated with MRCE are relatively small (usually only up to city-sized even for devils) and whose power lies mainly in their alienness, abilities to deal with other dimensional configurations, and suspicious ease in comprehending the primary concepts behind a new and alien force. The same Demons/Devils configuration as for Red and sometimes Grey applies, where generally you can kill a demon relatively fast or on the human scale with enough gun but a devil usually has hax to survive that.

Furniture: A generic category (term cribbed from Umineko) to describe artificial life which for whatever reason is designed for absolute subservience to the point it infringes on qualities which most would call 'human' or is incomparable because of form-based details, such as equipment-based artificial intelligences, service drone operator networks, and pseudohuman service mythics such as hominculi-styled magic-based cyborgs, which are considered furniture proper as the originator of the term. The most common type of furniture after pseudohumans are Wisps (essentially magic robot rockets that are unsubtly shellcores but variant).

"Ugh, Nedben needs to sleep." Alexei said, glaring into reality at the pause. "So much trouble he couldn't get much of anything done. Ships and tactics later it is, even though he's already got it worked out."
Edited by Nedben, Nov 7 2017, 05:08 PM.
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Orzic Nedbens

"Might as well work out the techbase." Alexei confirmed. "We'll start with the psychic energy self-generation loop, that ought to give us a base into shield generators and later transformation trinkets."

"Oh, wait, philosophy annotation." he added on at the end. "Design philosophy annotation."

The original basis of most MRCE vessels were designed without magical components, and even several updates later to take advantage of it, the conventional frame and at least a functional indefinite-length backup system for anything mundane are meant to run even in absence of magical support should a loss of energy supply be involved. This results in a conventional nondescript reactor and FTL system (similar to advanced phasespace travel with fewer if any exploits related to staying still in it to ignore enemy fire in exchange for not being limited by lane restrictions and slightly faster in both chargeup time and travel). However, comparatively few major advancements in military-grade technology in favor of proper exploitation of magic has lead to them being relatively behind when forced back to mundane weaponry or with a limited mage cadre, with many comparable factions being able to outgun MRCE in ship to ship if their magical capability is not overwhelming due to comparatively basic directed energy turrets and older kinetic weapons, and only basic nanotechnology-based armor regeneration. However, they are still a faction with effective directed energy weapons, nanotechnology use, and poorly explained energy shields, which can be alarmingly effective against those who lack counters to any of them.

As far as magic, the initial energy source is provided through use of non-conservation 'spiritual energy stars', or fountains of magical energy occurring within naturally magical beings either as a biological organ(akin to Nanoha's regenerating linker core) or an abstract spiritual quality (akin to Type Moon magic circuits but with slightly better recovery), or in specific objects and configurations of specific materials and effects (i.e. leylines, mystic sites, specially constructed runes for small-scale work or the alignment of entire planets and star systems in large-scale brute force to reduce the importance of material quality and precision). These passively emit convertable magical energy from nothing over time (and can be cajoled into emitting more through spiritual growth, physical intervention, in some cases dedicated focus or prayer, or structural alignment with other forms of inducing magical potential), and are the basic method of magical generation under MRCE statements. Cajoling more out of them and storing the results (especially in ways that storage nets even more), is of course one of the chief avenues of magical energy exploitation in ways that progress in any further efficiency is slow.

One of the key ways this is achieved is the 'magic feedback loop reactor', which is often found at the core of colonies or other self-contained locations like large ships, consisting of a large spiritual energy star (such as through a complex runic assembly) with a high or virtually unlimited energy capacity and energy contribution of its own, preferably such that the energy contribution increases at higher stored energy through exploitations of the means which spiritual energy stars get more powerful to get more something from effectively nothing to make it stay that way and expensive 'net negative cost' variable-length star-enhancement buff spells which return more mana than their investment given time (hence the use of loop). A loop reactor is usually initially fed into by mages in an energy contribution system (raw-energy-emission-and-transference power, a very fast recharge rate, and to an extent high personal capacity and ability to operate at low magical reserves are all valued traits for dedicated energy suppliers) before reaching a sufficient level at which it can sustain high matter/energy generation and mana generation utilities on its own and be left well enough alone given time to recharge between heavy expenditures, though in the case of loops expected for high energy drain operations suppliers may be kept on the maintenance staff to ensure it stays above the energy threshold for charging itself up with effective delayed-energy-production schemes to avoid recharge downtime, or to become backup energy productions in case the loop reactor needs to be taken down for maintenance or self-downs for recharging. Smaller reactors can be kept in autocasting-safe territory with only a single decently good standard-character-level dedicated energy producer (though at high drain while remaining within intended reactor capacity you begin just taxing the energy supplier, so usually up eight may be used to near alleviate the load on any individual or if the drain vastly exceeds intended capacity but is too temporary to be supplanted by a larger operation), while very large operations such as those for entire colonies or primary batteries of superweapons may have a cathedral/power plant hybrid dedicated purely to magical production with upwards of a dozen casters as feed and technicians for the pure storage itself and possibly multiple individual spiritual stars.

"That's not quite logically consistent but it's thematic so it'll hold for now." Alexei muttered, quite aware of the shoddiness of the idea. "It's just one big loop of 'fortify MP regen' structures, right?"

"Whatever," Richard said. "We'll just retcon it when we've got something better or get away from Nedben."

Magical shield generators usually take from a loop reactor and overlay on traditional unexplained scifi hardlight-forcefield-something shielding, often expensively enough to require dedicated energy producers in addition to the reactor itself in exchange for the quality of 'if you pump enough energy and resistance buffs into it, unless the enemy specializes in barrier piercing you'll be able to block things as long as you can maintain that kind of field on your budget'. This tends to be of the effect that MRCE vehicles of a decent caster complement will possess arbitrarily variable shield strength dependent on energy reserves of the caster and if their shields are down they generally won't be spell-flinging, though some will budget only a limited amount of energy or part of their caster reserve to pure energy-to-shield and utilize different defensive equipment (such as the nonmagical shield or caster unique abilities) for the sake of battle-winning arsenal.

Alex cringed. "Okay, maybe it would've been better to leave this stuff indistinct?"

"Nah." Richard comforted. "It's just first-time pain. We might wanna leave ship transformations and fortress-mages for later?"

"I can...I can first-draft it." Alex said shakily.

Ship transformation devices, or in the words of many jokers, "ENTIRE SHIP IS MAGICAL GIRL", "POWER RANGER SPACESHIPS", and "DID YOU JUST GIVE YOURSELF A PAINTJOB AND SOME DECORATION??" were originally a method designed to immediately retrofit older Marieli vessels during the Mariel-Ragnar Merger for the purposes of fighting vessels functionally immune to their mundane physical attacks with stronger magical ones. While they have primarily fallen out of use in favor of simply building better ships, it is not uncommon for the newer models to be used for temporarily converting weaker ships or vessels of situational effectiveness to those meant to deal with different threats, or as an emergency mode designed to temporarily add considerable durability and escape capability.

Fortress-casters are-

Alex sighed. "Nedben has to go. Might as well give up."
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Orzic Nedbens

Alex/Alexei breathed, casting some nondescript psychic effect to realign himself with writing reality.

Richard cheered him on quietly with a little "You can do this, I believe in you!" in the distance, as a brown stone ground with a large golden sun-symbol floor design on it brought them out of flying in trippy colors for the sake of somewhere solid to stand.

Fortress-casters, in tandem with strike-casters, are considered some of MRCE's heaviest non-superweapon forces, usually consisting of devils or high-grade mythics. While the true difference between fortress caster and strike caster is often as simple as whether their support magic is in a primarily area-offensive pattern designed for personal durability and preventing enemies from moving through without taking considerable damage and effort towards defense-and-dodging, or a line-offensive pattern designed for acting as a Sue-to-Sue dogfight and destroying larger vessels, individual high-end casters tend to be considerably better at one or the other and take enough time to switch between those configurations that once they've gotten into one it's best to stay there for a while.

The standard fortress-caster model, if there can really be called one, usually is a high-end caster who possesses up to around ten separate barrier layers, usually in the form of separately manifested spherical magic shells with predefined charges, with the second-innermost being allowed to draw on all spare mana to replenish itself to the point of noticeable energy drain without having to willfully authorize and channel it, and the innermost barrier containing life support functions and acting as a contingency recovery/propulsion device to nearest safe location if at risk of being breached or if caster is sufficiently injured through multibarrier (such as through shield-bypassing techniques, though most casters at that level aren't squishy even ignoring the armorpile) to avoid relying on resurrections if possible. Most of the middling layers are unique multipurpose systems depending on the caster, while the outermost are consistent basic energy shield types.

Generally, full spaceships are dedicated to longer-term missions both offensive and defensive, from which casters are deployed-


Alex glared at Nedben, whose interruption alone had shaken time by hours.

lol sorry

Generally, the heavier classes of spaceships are dedicated to longer-term missions, usually for large-scale and/or superweapon deployment or ferrying around its complement, with a mild reliance on individual casters for range due to being generally behind in close-quarters combat and ship-related technology, fortress-casters for area protection to keep the vessel itself under wider coverage and interception than would be feasible to cram onto the vessel itself, and strike-casters for pestering things like drones and delivering directed destructive power while other assets focus on other relevant tasks.

It's more than mildly contrived, but works.

Alex sighed again. Worldbuilding was actually a lot harder than it looked, especially with a low-quality author nagging him constantly and messing with his thoughts.
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Orzic Nedbens

The Seeds.

MRCE's usual suit of trump cards, especially with regard to exterminating worlds.

Born primarily from the government-secured otherworld artifact known mostly as "Trillions of Curses", the Seeds are of variable form and shape and usually in reference to something, but the majority consist of the packaged use-when-desired incubator of a specialized lifeform kept in stasis and hibernation until used that then creates other lifeforms, usually very, very destructively. Some of the more common Seeds can be made artificially to get the same effects and results, since many of the more coherent ones such as simpler xenoformers can be reproduced through MRCE-available magics (and often are for the sake of mass-production). However, many of the more complex or particularly nasty ones are left to the original production facility simply because wielding those kinds of incomprehensible curses tend to be violently destructive to the wrong things with the slightest missteps (see next section). There are several types for immediate overt destruction (usually) diverging from the usual deployable-megabeast model which are reproduced and repurposed for more ship-to-ship destruction.

Alex groaned again. "Ugh, we're practically plodding here. Hard to do a metafictional bit when Nedben's taking up all the struggle. And editing's a mess too."

A Seed is a derivative of a much more powerful curse reduced into something usable rather than the original's tendency of being discriminating yet destructive in bizarre ways, referred to as the Full Curse. Generally, a Full Curse is undesirable at best and actively too problematic to be anything less than being hoisted by one's own petard at worst to the point they are virtually never invoked willingly, and an atavistic germination event where a malfunctioning Seed actualizes its origin and reverts to the Full Curse is considered a planetary apocalypse at best if containment can be established quickly. Generally, a Seed's differentiating lifeform is called its 'reactor'.

Sample Seed variants include:

Alex cringed, barely ending the spoiler tag and throwing down a divider from exhaustion. "Ugh, incompleteness. I'll...I'll do ships or something. That ought to work."

Richard hung his head a little, and nodded approvingly with a tired expression.

Alex tried again and edited in some more content. Again, again. Piece by piece the world of vision entered the world of words and existence, slowly and painfully in the sense of exhaustion.
Edited by Nedben, Oct 8 2017, 02:28 AM.
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Orzic Nedbens

Alex sighed.

"You know what?" he said irritably, "I'm getting tired. Let's just...make some ships. We'll write it up in playtesting. Hire Julie to shifter. Problem solved. I'm not even going to parametrize them out just yet."

The Lockport-class Standard Colonization Carrier, a multikilometer hulking behemoth bristling with point defenses for some unknowable reason, is one of MRCE's largest government-fielded vessels outside the most ludicrous of supership projects. Ship-forward-facing twin diamonds extended into prisms form the sides of the ship class' strange central hangar, and below the main hangar-line is the Seed Deployment cannon that often carries one or more modified E2, R, or RTS type Seeds for the purpose of establishing forward bases with the ease of hitting the copy and paste button. In the back is most of the ship's important fiddly inexplicable technobabble bits, while the front diamonds contain most of the living and operational space (interestingly, the primary bridge is in the back with backup and/or auxiliary command centers available in the diamond sides).

Equipped with some of the best assembly equipment known to MRCE, a single Lockport's production facilities are capable of establishing cities or creating entirely new starships of similar scale and capability in terms of hours (slightly less if some of the more difficult to replicate components are produced elsewhere beforehand, topping out in under an hour given a sufficient external energy supply).

Alex cringed a little. The whole thing came down to 'Think somewhere between the Skirantra and Jarrasul in both form and function with a side of the Progenitor in just function, but more metal-silver and a Venator-style central hangar lane with boxy sides. It's a Warhammer STC that shoots Evangelion and RTSes at planets to fast-track setup, really'. That was cheap.

Nedben's exhaustion was annoying. The walls of the world were thick, and so was the inconvenience. Merely dreaming up one vessel was wasted, scattered between inefficient idea clarification and weak textual anchoring. Hopefully there would be some less ugly way for this errant otherman's vessel to posit the image formed in their momentarily shared mind.

At least he still had ideas.

"Alright, let's work on the other ship next." Richard said, patting his disgruntled mate. "We'll just go for that usual battleship model you've been planning for a while, kay?"
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Orzic Nedbens

The Augur-class frigate is the other stock workhorse of MRCE's lighter forces, a series of mostly-hexagonal sections (not unlike 2 types of nuts of slightly different exterior radius filling up one bolt, larger sections at the end and middle points) with the larger carrying the primary gun batteries and most point defenses, crowned by a short T-shaped section in the middle-back which serves primarily as a sensor array and defensive projector. About 150m long, the vessel serves usually as a carrier of casters and as an escort to Lockport-class vessels. Engines are primarily in the back with some separate primarily-maneuvering thrusters on the sides. While not that aesthetically pleasing and compared to some other factions physically underwhelming, it still has the usual hypersoft scifi-fantasy complement of standard unclear facilities: energy shield of varying effectiveness, FTL device of varying speed, assorted sensors, life support and supply generation, all that jazz.

The important part is that it tends to carry casters; even if destroyed, like most MRCE vessels there's likely going to be a few angry space-capable wizards who will pop out and shoot whoever shot them if they survive the initial destruction, necessitating either an extra few shots or being thorough the first time around.

Alex cringed a little. This project was taking time, effort, and being generally lower-quality than he'd hoped for. No matter.

The Mary Sues. Top battlefield assets of MRCE, these heroes, usually among the greatest of Mythics and Devils, exemplify-

With the simmering of energy separation Alex disengaged from the narrative.

"Alright that's really, really hard to keep going." Alex complained. "This struggle's been nowhere for days. Calling it a post. We'll get to the Sues later."
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Orzic Nedbens

The military branch of MRCE divides fairly evenly into one of two perspectives: fervent, destructive edgelords who look like cute idealized people (mostly magical girls), and alien perspectives difficult if not impossible to fathom. There is a surprising dearth of normal people to the point that most humans are heavily augmented magicians and slightly abnormally patriotic even then: whether it is that the truly human so often sunder too easily under tragedy to dare traumatic horrors, do not want the job, or have better things to do, is making Alex struggle to write it with Nedben being so annoying.

Alex continued glaring at Nedben for killing the moment so hard he got XP out of it.

"Seriously, chill."


The original contingent of 'magical girls' was actually a large number of mature women and men, deep-Ragnar humans from disparate backgrounds, who emerged in early Mariel-relevant Ragnar-proper history as artificially enhanced magicians either through demonic contracts or more traditional magical device construction. Several of them and their patrons were assembled during the initial construction(s) of Mi/Ra/Cl/Es. When the connection between Mariel and Ragnar was firmly exploited and these people were free to explore the stars as well as the maddening path-forests, they hungered and were vast.

The 'standard' magical girl, for what can be called standard, usually possesses one primary device, usually a transformation token, high-level casting implement, or full armorform, and possibly a number of add-ons in the form of secondary devices.

Alex heaved, trying to deal with the extraexistence weight of Nedben glaring at him, sapping his reserves of energy and being far too uninspired.

"This is going to be piecemeal after all, isn't it." Richard said, pushing back the aura-observance of the void-dwellings. "Go on, update your dream journal. You can harass us later."
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Orzic Nedbens

Nedben: Xenos & Heresy - Today at 6:59 PM
'Xilgothi' is characterised in the worksafe combination of tentacles and sparkly dresses: the formidable ichorous writhing becomes plated in shimmering metals and glowing fabrics not dissimilar to turning a space squid into a Gothic cathedral and draping some curtains on it, or perhaps those demon towers from Type Moon but with more arms.(edited)
Nedben: Xenos & Heresy - Today at 7:00 PM
Interestingly, many xilgothi refrain from the area coverage common to fortress casters, prefering to concentrate their many, many beams onto as singular of targets as their shape allows (with many more flexible or spacewarping of the subculture being willing and able to do indescribable things in order to fire that many cutesy scepters at once).
Rather than violent edginess of traditional magical girls struggling to escape their aesthetic, Xilgothi are proud of architecture and heavy weapons, with many being on-call designers for Lockport-classes producing new major citadels.

"What do you even want!?" Alex shouted.

Nedben simply made an offensive noise equivalent to a brief, high-pitched moan and spouted another discordant quote.

Sergei and Orz - Today at 10:51 AM
Thinking the basic suit is really more 'soul clothes and an auto-repairing outfit' than actual armor (meaning you'd see them mostly as representation for technicians whose abilities aren't battlefield-centric in the first place) which probably has life support depending on how I work out mechanics. Above that is the Nanoha-style barrier jacket where you can actually expect to see some form of shielding and 'can breathe in space for no reason' is assured, then above that you have power-ranger style full coverage (possibly damage -> knockback conversion?), and then above that you have wizard knights and Samus Aran But Magic.

Sergei and Orz - Today at 11:08 AM
okay, the excuse to have bootleg megazords stifles me

Alex and Richard held hands for a moment and threw a combined attack into the narrative dissatisfaction. It suppressed it momentarily, but here, where moments meant nothing...

Nedben - Today at 7:19 PM
so far we've got:
-Magical girls, or at least the mot dominant strain thereof extremely edgy, except for the eldritch abominations who like architecture and big guns (Xilgothi). Despite appearing as cute teenage girls (and guys are in there too, don't forget) dressed in silly and/or frilly outfits in bright not-edgy colors, they are as horrifically merciless and psychotic in combat as if Khorne was consumed by one of those edgy kids and often have to be directed by telepathy or a commanding officer to avoid getting all ahaha.wav higurashi on the collective asses of enemies and get around to actually breaking stuff in tactical formations and all that jazz.
So basically imagine this cute little girl and she's unloading an assault rifle into you while screaming in the voice of a demonic legion and smiling like Nui.
They're actually mostly adult men and women who are under heavy augmentation and probably literally magic drugs, but appearing as children was a thing back in Ragnar as a cultural tradition among lesser demons and nature fairies because it helped drag as many disturbing impulses out of people's instincts as possible, so it got carried over aesthetically when they integrated with Mariel.(edited)
You're less willing to shoot an innocent child until it's already trying to kill you. Usually.
tl:dr imagine those 13 year old NS omnicidal factions but as cutesy little girls who seem to be dressed more for a ball than a battlefield
One of the common taxonomies of Ragnar-traditional magical girls (read: ordinary human magic users) is to divide them by their level of armor.(edited)
Atwell-class is the basic level of magical girl outfit and is basically a soul-generated set of clothing constituted from manifested majjyks or whatever: while it may have technical functions such as life support or channeling weird specialist powers, it is only slightly more defensible than what it looks like and someone in Atwell-class either forgot to do the laundry or is a noncombat specialist who had no reason to develop it further (think Madoka-style magical girl outfits that don't seem to do much but sometimes are used as parts of magic attacks)(edited)

Birsa-class is where the stock 'why the fuck is this woman's dress knocking back my sword' effect starts kicking in: a series of magic fields act as an actual shield to cover up things that aren't fully covered (though generally it's still fairly conservative since it's easier to nest barrier layers on something that's already rather heavy, because fuck chainmail bikinis even if it's magic armor you could still have more of it, this is not my Skyrim game), life support for surviving in conditions of no atmosphere or too much atmosphere begins to get common but is not necessarily ubiquitous (as is unpropelled magical flight), and it's the minimum layer of armor that won't get you mistaken for a cosplayer or otherwise requested to leave the battlefield, at least from someone who can tell what it is. (think something more akin to Nanoha barrier jackets)
Cythera-class: I'm not sure if I want to dedicate this to power rangers, but I want to dedicate this to power rangers. Generally, you start seeing full armor and additional summoning powers on call, and there's usually a decent amount of asskicking and wizardry expected even from someone with their suit suppressed. Life support on the level of not needing to perform biological functions starts being really common around this point, though flight starts cropping up in the Birsas it's not that common. Possible conversion of most damaging effects into physical motion as a common tendency since they usually start dealing with things that are more problematic than anything they could possibly be thrown into?(edited)
Delano-class: http://metroid.wikia.com/wiki/Samus_Aran

More seriously, the Delano-class is heavily armored and generally runs the type of 'arbitrary connection of magical energy supply to ability to nosell anything you can throw at them besides some MP cost' actually more commonly seen on high-energy spaceships. Very large assortment of equipment and actually starts hitting the soloing-missions-with-a-fuckhigh-killcount tier stuff you'd expect out of Samus.(edited)
I'm not sure if I want to put fortress-casters into the same category as magical girl armor division
http://i.imgur.com/1UTQavZ.png fun fact: Samus once fell off a cliff.

Alex and Richard held fast against the storm of ideas, beginning to crystallize the sphere of their influence against the rampaging imagefest.

Aqua - Today at 7:42 PM
The White Roses (Bro magical girls who specialize in hunting werewolves, vampires, demons) look upon their Ragnar counterparts....

And contemplate the nightmare that is facing the equivalent of lesser demons...

Who bare technology!!!

The Church of the United Way, on the other hand, begins investing in heavier armor.

Also, if Advent powers can affect Xilgothi and their lesser compatriots...
Nedben - Today at 7:43 PM
Xilgothi are probably fairly mentally similar to lower-class horrorterrors.
Not sure if they've got the infohazard aspect, but there's definitely a cognitohazard if you try to interface offensively.
How does Advent psychic will operate again
Assuming psychic comparability the squid did a better job than Vriska at orchestrating control...(edited)
Aqua - Today at 7:44 PM
From my understanding, amplified mind crush, mind control (which would need a link) etc
Nedben - Today at 7:46 PM
Stealing from my RVAU perspective a horrorterror above emissary grade glubglub could easily psystomp an individual psio, and given that they tend to leak mind control and have an aura with enough range to reach past a barrier specifically designed to keep them out and bathe a small moon with it...
Horrorterror ichor is practically King Crimson in terms of 'IT JUST WORKS' as a multipurpose biological fluid and corruptive force, like a slightly more pervasive, less unified, and darker cousin of phazon.

Divine light, twin sparks, held back the beast of the void and song.

Aqua - Today at 7:50 PM

Powerlevels are difficult in magitech

But essentially White Roses deal bonus damage to demons, spirits, the aforementioned werewolves (as part of backstory, will elaborate again later)

But United Illumimary infantry generally have far better defense and combined arms
A Horrorterror is comparable to Forgotten Realms Greater Demon?
Nedben - Today at 7:51 PM
In RVAU, they are capable of effortlessly subjugating several low-level deities just by existing too close or the accidental creation of an item infused with their power not being disposed quickly enough.
I mean, Homestuck powerlevels are fuckery but RVAU is generally a tad more consistent
effective mind grab fairly directly on citybusters = fun with batteries
Robert Joe - Today at 7:52 PM
If a Homestuck fan gives you a power level of some Homestuck thing, subtract two zeros from the result to get the actual number. Life pro tips.
Nedben - Today at 7:52 PM
That doesn't help, since it's either infinity or too unclear to make a judgement.
Aqua - Today at 7:52 PM
Oh shit
We're gonna need attrition tactics
Nedben - Today at 7:53 PM
Also, the Lands can't decide whether they're the size of a town and can be traversed in a day or not
Aqua - Today at 7:53 PM
Probably deploy both groups


Nedben - Today at 7:53 PM
of course you would
The thing is MRCE specifically overdosed on the magic troops after Mariel and Ragnar teamed up to face what has crystallized into 'that kind of enemy you need an absurd amount of firepower to deal with without magic', which means their ship design has about the Stock Expected FT Complement and is then overdosed with majjyks from there to run the Samus-style shielding and heavier guns
generally if you drop an antimagic field people get teleport banished automagically and remaining vessels have to plonk you with classic plasma weapons
If you had to scale them without qualifiers based entirely on thematics, assume MRCE is probably at least a generation remodel behind in terms of several FT things and makes up the difference almost entirely on magic.
Oh, and WMDs.
Lots of WMDs.
The WMDs are mostly magic but the ones that aren't fuck up everything.
Aqua - Today at 7:58 PM

So Bro magitech forces plus orbital bombardment
Nedben - Today at 7:58 PM
This is mostly because when Alex and Richard were writing themselves up a country into existence they decided to use an artifact known as Trillions of Curses to acquire fucktons of magic superweapons without the kind of force you'd expect someone with those weapons to have otherwise.
Aqua - Today at 7:58 PM
Nedben - Today at 7:58 PM
weapons of mass destruction, everywhere
Aqua - Today at 7:58 PM
I expect DBZ scale
Robert Joe - Today at 7:58 PM
Again, remember that asking Nedben the power levels of some Homestuck thing is like asking me the power level of a Golden Sun thing. It is a bit of a bias source.
Nedben - Today at 7:58 PM
nukes but made out of mycon deep children
Aqua - Today at 7:59 PM
Nedben - Today at 7:59 PM
Golden Sun vacillates between 'can fuck up a continent' to 'cannot fuck up a stone wall'.
It's better than Homestuck but not much clearer.(edited)
Also, DBZ power levels are whatthefuck
Aqua - Today at 8:01 PM
"nukes but made out of mycon deep children"

But those can still be intercepted...

The dream of the boundary was perfected.

Nedben - Today at 8:01 PM
anyway, the standard-issue WMDs are either bootleg colonization devices of one form or another (suppressed Mycon, Lilith and Adam from Evangelion, Literally An RTS Faction, I guess you could say bootleg Homestuck in a can), or incredibly weird and abstract things like a cultural WMD that induces a new massive art movement and a cultural shift, or a bomb that fucks up reality in general for a while.
Aqua - Today at 8:01 PM
Planetary shield etc
Nedben - Today at 8:01 PM
get a very big planetary shield
and hope it blocks Russian
Now, as far as combining MRCE's two favorite things of magical girls and WMDs go?
I have very little idea honestly I was hoping you guys could help me with that.
So far in 'These people could reliably serve as Orzic Nedbens' recurring midliners' we've got Julie the Bootleg Canned Homestuck Generator, maaaybe the Lake of Fire, and possibly some form of symbolic invocation of all those catgirls god killed.
Oh, and maybe some Shinki expy.
(The Lake of Fire looks like a giant mycon but made out of magma and whatthefuck stone, because I am lazy with character design).
I mean, it's decently bowl-shaped, right?
like they're somewhere between Greater Daemon and when subsumed by an absolute purpose or something they start getting up there with daedric princes in terms of pure bullshitting
Throw Julie at a fleet and she'll throw a fleet of bootleg Homestuck OCs at it. Throw Julie at the Black Sun and she'll drown it in the Green Sun and that surreal meme about reducing dimensionality.
Throw the Lake of Fire at a planet and it'll....idk, crash into it like a gigantic-ass asteroid and generally fuck up its day? A good planetary shield will make it bump into it helplessly for a few tries until it gets bored and tries pushing it into the sun or something.(edited)
Throw the Lake of Fire at an omnicidal godmodder invasion? It will eat them. Alive.
Throw Fake Shinki at an enemy fleet and she'll...be a decently big fortress-caster that surpasses most Devils, but ultimately nothing a cfrac fuck you letter made of neutronium and memes can't fix. Throw Fake Shinki at the abstract end of reality? Perfectly Functional New Reality Incoming.(edited)
....a neutronium angry letter tho
Aqua - Today at 8:10 PM
You're right @Robert Joe

There is no scale lolz
Nedben - Today at 8:10 PM
scale? Scifi writers have no sense of scale, and they have a loose responsibility to adhere to the reasonable.
This is hardcore fantasy. And not that kind of hardcore which has to be attractive or anything.
...tsundere genre tho
I'm thinking of formalizing the roster of archdevils and their Absolute Purposes rather quickly for safety reasons
I'm considering rolling Fake Shinki into the signamancy role maybe, but Julie's got the Great Game on her side already
Aqua - Today at 8:12 PM
Nedben - Today at 8:12 PM
One of the things with MRCE is that they're expansionist but have a limited palette of what they can actually produce rather fast
You can shoot a terraforming bomb at a planet but it'll mainly be full of soldiers you have no use for.
so basically you've got an edgelord nation full of people dressed like an idol singing anime.
Instead of multkilometer battleships they get...multikilometer factory ships dedicated to shooting terraforming bombs at decently sized planets they've had one of the most powerful weapons they could be using to get into wars with people on standby just to keep it maneuvered into the habitable band or whatever

The dawn of a new day.

Aqua - Today at 8:18 PM

You want us to rate them compared to the rest of your arsenal?
Nedben - Today at 8:18 PM
More like 'I need help crystallizing the last few major archdevil roles' as well as figuring out the actual culture behind this
like we've got militaristic magical girls and eldritch abominations who are actually giving zero shits, and a bunch of normal people who are rather boring
need to give them goals and motivations and stuff
so there's the 4-part supercomputer with a fractal fuckup of avatars and I guess a government that is run behind the scenes by Alex and Richard who are essentially spamming narrative mind control
need to figure out how it works beyond 'the author is literally forcing this to work by mind-controlling hundreds of people offscreen'

The lovers made it out of the storm.

"Hopefully that'll keep him distracted." Richard said. "Think it'll work?"

"Nah," Alex denied. "Still gonna steal his ideas though. He's writing us, right?"
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Orzic Nedbens

The Archdevils, Invocations, Voyagers, and Signs. Crown jewels and allegedly nigh-invincible, the Archdevils are to MRCE what most factions would call their unique flagships or greatest superweapons. Or maybe just top-class hero units. An Archdevil is to a fortress caster what a fortress caster is to a traditional mundane sorcerer: far more powerful, but primarily in a fairly specific application of that power. This specific application is to, through an Absolute Purpose, envelope the territory of their representing Sign, an eldritch power which is simply too unbalancing to directly manifest outside sundering reality to provide a net of limitation, and represents itself through Invocations, which are avatars of proxies, or proxies of proxies, because yikes the power level disparity and also Nedben wants saving throws-

Alex threw a wall-building bomb at Nedben and kicked him out of the narrative again.


An Archdevil exists wholly in this realm without call (perhaps because they have nowhere else worth going and more than mild attachment), while Invocations are here primarily because they are called (and often are not wholly here, being avatars of unfathomable horrors or annoying people you want an excuse to dismiss). The Voyagers are those less important to the Signs manifest (and serving as second options to the Archdevil or Invocation), unrelated entirely, or Creators-in-training who have not yet ironed out their work and self-empowered to the point of claiming the title 'creator' in full. The difference is varying levels of academic and semantic, but there is an extreme disparity of power even there. An Archdevil is at the bottom of the lineup of Voyagers, and Invocations are often low as well, which allows them to be called without leading to unfathomable horrors.

The Signs MRCE manifests are those of Sagetower, Logistics-arena, Standgarden, Dog Nebula, Blockcluster, Psychomachia, Vanguard, Threadcloth, Goldvine, the Nine Creators who mostly feel uncomfortable in the others' dreams. There are more, but they don't like each other (and they're usually other people's anyway. That would just be rude to invoke).

Julie Lamarck, the Sage of Breath, is the Archdevil of Standgarden by virtue of Treaty from the Trillions of Curses which would otherwise be the direct representative. Her Absolute Purpose is that of the illogical crossing-over, the insertion of that which cannot be, the breaking of the pretenses of logic with the game that breaks the song. She prefers to use the curse she was forged with, though MRCE uses the Trillions of Curses more as a heavily exploited aspect than anything.

The Lake of Fire, a great behemoth of lava and agitation that is actually rather chill all things considered, is the Archdevil of Psychomachia, for it is all the horror that one origin wrote and another removed. Its absolute purpose is the condemnation and destruction of that which must be removed by the decree of a higher level, and to throw into fire-like-fire that which cannot be erased.

Celuna Gale, the Witch Princess of Terror, is the Archdevil of Blockcluster by virtue of being one of the least powerful of the Blocky Cluster cast that retained consistency of characterization and was willing to sign up at the bar. Her Absolute Purpose is to destroy plot and coherency: a princess who built a castle out of explosives, a wicked witch who gave people the cures to all sorts of curses just to piss off everyone else, and a fine representation of the insanity of the Blocky Cluster's myriad realmlords in general, there is simply no having a good story when the violent resolution or destabilization of cause can be given. She has many supporting Voyagers which help her ruin sensibility.

Mike Starbell is Archdevil of Dog Nebula, appointed by mail. His Absolute Purpose is thus signage: he is to do as that creation and Make Things Up When Needed, the magic of the festival of bones and distant nebulae that makes an asspull look planned and a complete giant space flea from nowhere a perfectly lead-up average development. More sanely, he is spell creation.

Valerie Pierce is Archdevil of Logistics-arena by virtue of a whole story of being the living supply line of battle. That's messy and a long story, even the part spent in a gullet. Her Absolute Purpose is the frenzy of life, logistics, and death-by-battle. Much as the birds made dramatic crap, so would the supply lines in barley convey and communicate with precise movement of the birds. Mostly, she wastes it on making cool space monsters that go fast, handwaving supply concerns, and keeping things running elsewhere.

Katie Allen was and allegedly is Invocation of Vanguard by virtue of foisting it on the apprentice, but she too does not want the job and foists it on Matthew Kingsley, who is present enough to be an Archdevil (though honestly, he spends enough elsewhere to be just Invocation). Their job and Absolute Purpose is the cutting-by-detailing that makes things less esoteric and not more, to with the magic of investigation and actual magic neaten the game rather than disarray it.

Sagetower is represented by the Invocation of Lord Liebschen the Destroyer('s avatar). His Absolute Purpose is essentially to run away crying like a little child to destroy the world, but in the process saving what's worth saving and sealing away worse ruinous powers. Since his purpose is far more niche than the Lake of Fire with a non-purgative aspect and MRCE can destroy worlds with less fanfare (and using it on things much larger would be...worrying), he is generally summoned for precision applications, or when 'retrieve this and destroy literally everything else in the area possible' is actually a necessary mission. In a pinch, the Inchoate Screaming of all the catgirls God killed works fine as a second for when the Beloved Cat is unavailable.

The Invocation of Threadcloth is the Amaranthine Door, which is a flower-gate (sometimes a reaper) that makes like a contract devil and offers the pleasure-hell of deals and wheelings (and I guess wheeling and dealing if you gotta be pedantic), and similar to the sign of !!IAEL!! that is Sagetower evokes the blessing/curse of becoming the whole world. Nobody likes this but those with a sacrifice complex, but it does wonders for removing the enemy with the power of navel gazing's cousin of gazing in some other navel instead. Its absolute purpose is the Creation that Sacrifices Care: the demonic kiss-eversion of samsara in that escape is to merely become another jail, what Standgarden sought in Julie only to get bored and give to the Richard and Alex.

The Invocation of Goldvine is the Alice Stair, which is actually a book made with sealed-up damage tones and a countlessly deverberated echo of the Nedben-who-is-omicon. Enchiridionic and bizarre, it is the Beast-sibling that thrashes about in a barely consensual form, and it doesn't like to keep being coherent. Its Absolute Purpose is blatant surrealism and nonsensical artistry: to bring it to battle is to turn the battle into utter ridiculousness, rescinding the laws of reason, physics, logic, and sanity for as long as it wants, a more creation-vivid numinit numina in that it is obscene and omnicidal genesis. It fucks up the narrative and writes this story, and is essentially a last resort among last resorts because it makes ripping the universe apart look coherent in comparison.

A woman with purple hair (which was mildly wet, as she had just been taking a shower on the moon before deciding to wear heavy violet plate armor with white trim rather than an astronaut suit when joining the game) walked into reality and saw her masters making out and two golden book-people (one man and one girl) playing with the thread of the story, and several bricks lying around the floating plane of green and purple switching around, which was haphazardly a narrator box and sometimes not.

"EXCELION!?" Feizhi shouted, causing the male book to go 'lol you're screwed' and zap out with that kind of authority only Passcode I Love You would thunder down in adamantine merger to prevent those stupid story-traps, and the female one to blush amber and return to the format of gold-plated azure tome.

"Yes?" Excelion said, trying not to look like she'd just been caught red-handed (gold-energy-projection'd?) by turning to face the two men that the narrative was not going to push the boundary of mercy on, not like anybody reads this trash.

Feizhi facepalmed, and put on a neutral-faced Noh mask in the process so she wouldn't have to suppress her expression any further. "Guys. Guys. Look what Excelion did while you two were doing your thing."

In a few moments Excelion got a promotion and a nice hat, and Feizhi had decided to become a commanding officer or something.
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Orzic Nedbens

Arbiter-General Feizhi Xian consulted Grand Caster Module Excelion over the primary metanodized neuralthread sequence, reviewing strategic information. Mi-Ra-Cl-Es whirred its usual in the background, running countless boring and complicated calculations to save Excelion the effort.

"Delegations on Aurora starnet cycloprocessor construction?" the purple-haired tactical operator commented. "I know construction is still working on confirming the testframe transitions for Models 0 through 3, but-"


"Oh." the Arbiter-general responded quietly (as much as one could convey quietness in a psychic communication not resorting to full headspace). "That's...much farther than expected. We may see it done within their lifetimes."

"It's still only a miniscule fraction." Excelion commented. "I mean, with rate of progress"


"and that other field trundling along as"


"as ever, we're not going to see much more than"


"for a while."

Static, keeping out the Nedben. Good choices.

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Orzic Nedbens

"Steal some art assets from Epic Battle Fantasy, I guess?" Rigel said, having popped into the meta-space rather easily with green bolts of cheating star-energy.

Posted Image
The Idisi model of tank, unsubtly designed to aesthetically resemble the original Valkyrie model (schematics of which emerged in deep Ragnar territory through means irrelevant), is the standard-issue main battle tank for MRCE, capable of holding its own against multiple Cythera-class casters and generally being an obscene hassle for most people to take down, primarily through abject cheating as its design is varyingly absurd.

The armament of an Idisi consists of two front machineguns, a primary turret, a few extraneous spikes and drills which require magical augmentation to do much more than be pointy and sharp, and a selection of multiple internal offensive projectors that can be deployed externally as necessary, such as a plasma weapon, large electrical caster, a nonsensical freeze ray and poison gas deployer, and a number of long-range rocket launchers. The exact composition of the armor is made out of various fantasy materials (with a heavy basis on magic projection for non-core sections, with necessary energy output for suitably heavy internal MP-to-defense Delano field provided by a Reiuji-class magic-augmented microbreeder fusion system), though the outermost stable layer is decorative titanium suitable for casters' channeling. While capable of holding up to 5 people, only 1 is necessary for internal piloting (and operating it remotely is not unfeasible)-

Meowing pierced the void and distracted the post. Whoops.
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