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Alchemy ideas; Like psynergy ideas but bigger
Topic Started: Jul 18 2017, 06:17 PM (144 Views)
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Orzic Nedbens

So, remember all those alchemy machines from Dark Dawn that popped up outta nowhere? Or the strange, strange differences in psynergy behavior before and after the Golden Sun Event?

Let's talk about that. Share ideas for what cool things push the limits of what psynergy (or alchemy as it is, for that matter) thought possible! Super cool machines or entirely new magic-system casting! Your stance on the whole 'fundament' issue! Speak, speak, share everything! :D
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What strange differences in psynergy behavior? Besides engine limitations being much smaller and making utility psynergy much more easy to use, I mean.

Well, I guess there was the whole sentient object thing showing up for no reason, but alchemy machines were always a thing. The Great Gabomba was one massive alchemy contraption, not to mention Daedalus. I don't think there are all that many limits to psynergy, except maybe not being able to create life itself under normal circumstances, but even that is debatable with revive granting back a lost life and the Wise One likely being a philosopher stone. Golden Sun is based on the era and belief of the entire world being composed of the 4 elements, and those elements are the components of life, so anything in the world should be feasible through psynergy or alchemy.
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Well, first, about the "difference in psynergy behavior",
the most important seems to be the ability to interact with things,
that are more than 2 tiles/five meters away.

My take on it is that there is more "psynergy particles" floating in the air.
(Think : electron/boson, something like that but for psynergy.)
So, douse and whirlwind doesn't run dry 2 tiles away.

Now, about psynergy machines :
There was pure water and fire based machines.
So, my guess is that there is also pure wind and pure earth machines.

I think that the "legendary labyrinth ouroboros" is not only what the DD party explored.
I honestly think it's the wind and/or earth machine,
and that it's like the Wind Rock but even more long to cross.

Maybe a long first part dedicated to earth, then a part dedicated to wind ?

So, to conclude, here are my thought about DD psynergies :
1) There is more psynergy bosons floating in the air.
(unleashed by the GS event)
2) There is a earth machine and a wind machine.
And I think they are related in some way to the ouroboros labyrinth.

That's it for the DD psynergy theories I deeply believe in.
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