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Welcome to the Sunrise!
Topic Started: Feb 8 2017, 12:54 AM (1,719 Views)
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The Dark Wolf General

Hi there, welcome aboard the Golden Sunrise Forums! We're a very friendly community always looking for more faces to join the fold! No matter where on the internet you hail from, whether it be from another GS forum, Reddit, Tumblr, or anywhere else for that matter, know that you are welcome here. We ask that you be respectful, courteous and that you will treat others the way you would want to be treated, and in return we promise to do the same!

It is recommended that you post an intro thread here so that we can all personally welcome you aboard. The rules of Golden Sunrise are fairly straightforward, and can be found here.

Once you have been an active member of the forum for at least a week, you can choose to join one of the 4 clans, (Or remain unaligned), as well as apply for a Character Badge. Each clan has a distinctive personality, and choosing one can feel like choosing a family, so you are encouraged to check out each one, and find one you like. Users are allowed to change Clans whenever they like, at a limit of once per week, and may do so here.. The Character Badge is meant to be a way to show off your Main Character, the one who represents you on the Forum. It is entirely optional, but if you do decide you want one, it an be found here([i/link to be edited in when new topic is made)[/i]

Most GS forums have some kind of Clan season, and Sunrise definitely does as well. Points are earned from playing or hosting games on the forum, or from claiming badges. At the end of the season, a Clan is declared victorious and receives a forum theme as a prize. However, what makes Sunrise unique are our Alliance Competitions, which run independently from the Clan Season. Any users wishing to participate may either Play Solo or Form a Team of any other user on the forum, regardless of clan affiliation(or lack thereof). There are no limits to number of members on an Alliance. The Alliance Competitions consist of various Writing and Art Challenges, as well as RP Battles or themed games, and usually serve to further build the world of Sunrise.

Additionally, it is worth noting that we have a fairly active Discord community, which can be found here, or at the top right of the page. What is Discord you may ask? It's like Skype or MSN but better! Doesn't have video calls yet but has many features Skype will probably never have itself. Most forum people these days are familiar with Discord, but if you aren't, the program and app versions can be obtained here and if you either are unable to, or do not want to download the program/apps, it can be used in-browser here.

The Current Admin team consists of
- Robert Joe
- Shadowfyst997
- Neshi
- Violet Spinel
- Catman*

Finally, I would like to thank you for reading this, and I look forward to seeing your presence on the forums!
*Catman has elevated privileges for tech support only and is no longer formally part of the staff team.
Edited by Catman, Dec 21 2017, 03:06 PM.
Posted Image Posted Image <-- Courtesy of Safe Haven and Saucy Goblin respectively! :3 <3

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